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If fanciful mental constructs and abstract concepts were to become personified, it would be no surprise if they took the form of Georges Méliès. Considered the inventor of cinema by the Lumière brothers, Méliès is someone best-defined by superlatives. It took just a few years for this pioneer and entertainer of genius, gifted with an inventive and emblematic personality, to reveal the full extent of his visionary genius, before ending his life in poverty, entirely forgotten.

Drawing its inspiration from the fictional fantasy worlds of such featurettes as “Le voyage à travers l’impossible” (The Impossible Voyage), or the burlesque universe of shorts such as “L’équilibre impossible” (An Impossible Balancing Feat), the movie-concert En plein dans l’œil (Right in the Eye) presents a modern rendition of the poetic and playful universe of Georges Méliès by aptly serving both its images and its narrative.

Teaser (1’22)

Trailer (3’31)

TV Interview of the audience – Avignon Festival (0’25)


These cinematographic gems are a great success judging by the way children burst out laughing when they were not enthralled by the spectacular effects.La Nouvelle République
It is quite manifest that the trio has invented a music that stirs fantasies having fine-tuned a varied, top-notch sonorous instrumentation that would certainly not have displeased the filmmaker.Zibeline

This show rises to the challenge of reflecting the wondrous singularity that so appropriately describes the films produced by Méliès. It is at once inventive, elegant, and moving… right to the core. » Chronique du Off – Festival Avignon 2014
Each film is accompanied by original music played by three musicians – three men who are enjoying themselves and revelling in this opportunity to transmit their enthusiasm. Evocative of the energy of Pop/Rock bands like Arcade Fire, they never let up for a moment and ensure that every minute has the tempo of an amazing adventure. It is a movie-concert with a special spark thanks to its original creators!   » La Provence

The aim is to echo the film’s inventive extravagance through a comparable wealth of sound. A possible comparison would be that of a composer at the service of a librettist.France Catholique

The legendary visual effects find a worthy echo in the meticulously performed sound effects arranged by the Alcoléa Company. The compositions blend keyboards, percussions, and singular instruments to achieve original works, mid-way between musical illustrations and melodic wonderlands.Envrak.fr

Show for All Audience as of age 5

Duo :
Concept, musical compositions and sound works, keyboard, piano sound board: Jean François Alcoléa
Percussions, guitar: Julien Grolleau or Fabrice Favriou

Trio :
Concept, musical compositions and sound works, keyboard, piano sound board: Jean François Alcoléa
Percussions, guitar: Julien Grolleau or Fabrice Favriou
Sound, percussions, objects: Michaël Goupilleau or Stéphane Brunet
Light manager & video: Noémie Mancia or Eric Seldubuisson

All Audiences shows: 1h15
Young Audiences shows: 55 minutes
Very Young Aundiences shows: 30 minutes

Outdoor possible representation
Possible projection on facade or other support

Movie-concert production assistants: Claire Bergerault, Guillaume Habrias, Laurent Meunier, Alain-Bernard Billy and Régis Roudier
Stage management: François Moinard

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