Live movie-concert based on the cinematographic works of Georges Méliès

Right in the Eye

Through 12 films, Jean-François Alcoléa offers a very unique and modern rendition of the poetic and playful universe of George Méliès by aptly serving both its images and its narrative. He draws its inspiration from the fictional fantasy worlds of such featurettes as “Le voyage à travers l’impossible” (The Impossible Voyage), or the burlesque universe of shorts such as “L’équilibre impossible” (An Impossible Balancing Feat).

After a successful run of 500 performances, our movie-concert is available to tour abroad.

Right in the Eye has toured :
France / Belgium / Luxembourg / Morocco / Romania / Canada / USA / United Kingdom

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★★★★★ @fringebiscuit

★★★★ @TheScotsman

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★★★★ @SGfringe

« Thank you for giving us a wonderful and unique evening by listening to your wonderful and refreshing music at the Coral Gables Art Cinema during the screening of Georges Méliès’ films. What a talent you and your musicians have that has brought me a lot of pleasure and new sensations! Thank you very much »

«  Absolutely brilliant composing and musicianship by three extremely talented musicians. The films were charming but the music was the star of the show. Don't miss this one! »

« Alcoléa himself is an excellent 21st century voice to promote the burlesque worlds of Méliès' characters » — The Fountain ★★★★

“The unique instrumentation mirrors Melies’s films.” — The Sheaf

“Alcolea does a fantastic job of establishing the mood of each short, complimenting each using these different styles and musical modes. ”  — Technique

"Recapture the sheer manic daftness of Méliès's inventive genius, as well as its lingering wonder.” — The Scotsman ★★★★

Show for All Audience as of age 5

Duo :
Concept, musical compositions and sound works, keyboard, piano sound board : Jean François Alcoléa
Percussions, guitar : Fabrice Favriou or Hervé Joubert

Trio :
Concept, musical compositions and sound works, keyboard, piano sound board: Jean François Alcoléa
Percussions, guitar : Fabrice Favriou or Hervé Joubert
Sound, percussions, objects : Guillaume Habrias or Mathieu Lucas
Light manager & video : Noémie Mancia or Eric Seldubuisson

Length : 
All Audiences shows : 1h15
Young Audiences shows : 55 minutes
Very Young Aundiences shows : 30 minutes

Three possible performances on the same day
Modulable scenic design
Outdoor possible representation
Possible projection on facade or other support

Movie-concert production assistants : Claire Bergerault, Alain-Bernard Billy, Guillaume Habrias, Laurent Meunier and Régis Roudier
Stage management : François Moinard

Young Public

Movie-Concert + Cultural Mediation


  • Discovery of optical toys
  • Discovery of the early days of cinema, animation, and special effects
  • Discovery of the movie-concert’s instrumentation
  • Discovery of the role between sound, music and images on screen

Booking Agents USA/Canada

Alexandra Kotis: 786-281-9415 -

Production & tour manager

Elodie Lebrun: + 33 6 17 77 39 31 –
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