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Alcoléa & cie it’s :

  • 20 years old of expertise
  • A hundred of artistic events in a year
  • Visibility in France and Abroad and on social medias
  • 500 000 newsletters a year 
  • More than 25 000 contacts world wide
  • more than 50 productions
  • more than 1200 performances
  • A team of 25-30 peaple according the projects

When we tour abroad, we promote our productions and keep the public informed about our activities. Our appearances are prime occasions for warm exchanges and knowledge transfers. For audiences that may live far from cultural centers, we provide a window that opens out onto broad horizons, a ray of sunshine, a seed planted that is ready to sprout.

By becoming a Patron, you are placing yourself in the realm of artistic creation, which means a genuine commitment that matches our own. This commitment is both to the excellence of a team and to projects that are recognized on the international stage; it is a commitment to furthering a heritage we nurture and showcase, a pedagogical commitment, a sponsorship commitment to advance digital development and inclusion, and a commitment to ensuring everyone has access to culture. You are thus participating in a genuine educational, social and societal endeavour via a powerful vehicle: Art.

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